Change was the mantra for the Democrats throughout this last election cycle.  Change you can believe in…..yada yada.

However, has anyone noticed that nothing ever seems to change?  In Wisconsin, legislators are receiving raises even though the economic situation for many is worse.  Our Federal legislators are also receiving a raise!!  How can it be that people who represent us are earning more while we are earning less and paying more taxes?

Well, some legislators claim that they are not allowed to change the salary during their term, and thus are obligated to accept the raise.  Ha ha.   At the blink of an eye,  Congress  voted in $700 billion for failing companies, so they certainly could pass a law rescinding any pay raises.

Of course, they don’t want to.  It is far easier to pretend that they are locked into the new pay rates and helpless to change.  That’s the way the system works, they will tell you.  

Change?  Forget seeing changes in Washington.  The only change you’ll notice  is  the stuff that jingles in your pocket–and even that might disappear!

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