Never ending corruption……

Or, maybe the title should be “you gets what you pay for!”. 

After all, President elect Obama promised change for America, but then he brought in all the old, corrupt, Democratic  leadership from years past.  Some of “you” asked for him, and you got him!  Unfortunately, now we all have to live under his learning curve and mistakes!

Take his nomination of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.  Well, that pleased many of the Lieberals who, for some weird reason, believe she is “their” leader.  But, in choosing her, and others with similarly corrupt histories (can you say Daschle and Richardson?), Obama exonerates her and others from all their past misdeeds.

Hopefully, the nomination process will reveal many of Hillary’s past activities which, in anyone else except a Kennedy, would be criminal.  Online sources reveal that Hillary made many inappropriate requests for help from those who later donated to her husband’s charities.  Maybe this is not quite as blatant as taking the silverware when you leave the White House, but its deviousness alone should be a warning to not confirm her.

After all, pretty is as pretty does.  If she was corrupt in the past, odds are she will be corrupt in the future.  I’m afraid, with Obama’s submission to the old Establishment of the Democratic party, his presidency  will see never ending corruption.

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