Fixing the System

Washington, D.C., has become the political cess pool of America!

We’ve all known that many, if not most, of our Congress people are greedy, self-serving people.  And, because they have such low personal morality, they are willing to let any kind of riff raff serve in any capacity.  Take, for example, the nominee for Secretary of the Treasury who admits that he, inadvertently (so he says), FORGOT to pay social security taxes on money earned while he was at the IMF.  Now, if any one of us taxpayers had done the same thing, we would be tarred and feathered, and most likely in jail.  Remember Leona Helmsley who had a vast hotel empire, and whose tax “forms” would have been mountains and mountains of paperwork?  She was convicted of tax evasion , despite everyone acknowledging that she did not have  the financial training to check her taxes.  She claimed to have signed her tax forms without reading through them, just like almost any business person does.  But, her “embarrassment”  didn’t carry any weight in the courts and she served jail time.

Now, we have a nominee for the Treasury who couldn’t even get his own taxes right!  Shouldn’t he have questioned whether all his taxes were paid?  And shouldn’t the Senate consider his mistake serious enough to exclude him from serving in the Treasury?  Oh, I forgot.  Apparently, he is given a pass by the Senate because “he was obviously embarrassed”!!!! 

What?   What are our representatives  thinking?  They are supposed to root out unworthy nominees.  They should tell President elect Obama ,  “No.  This man is not qualified for the position because of his past errors!”   Unfortunately, even Senator Hatch was making excuses for this man — a man  who was obviously incapable of  managing even his own, personal  taxes.  If he can’t take care of his own affairs, how could he possibly be capable of running a governmental agency ? 

When our system of checks and balances no longer checks and balances, our entire system is likely to suffer.  We need good, upright, and MORAL people to run our government.  We need the Congress to do their job of certifying candidates for public service.   Or, are we supposed to excuse every mistake and every misdeed because the perpetrator is “embarrassed”.  Maybe we have to excuse those who are “sorry”, too. ….or, how about “misinformed” candidates? 

In Washington, politicians are excused for all the problems in their past;  but, if Obama wants to fix the system, he needs nominees who themselves are examples of good, clean living.  So far, his nominees include the notorious Senator Clinton, the defrocked Daschle, and now this rotten apple. 

Obama had it right during his campaign when he said that the system  needs fixing.   Unfortunately, with yet another morally-challenged nominee, it doesn’t look as though Obama is going to fix anything!  He has become a true Washington, D.C., insider!

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