The Russian bear

The Russian bear is growling and no one is doing anything about it.  That is not going to be good for any free society!  Let’s face it, Russia considers itself  the counterpoint  to America’s prominent position in the world.  Putin fears the loss of Russian influence throughout the world and has begun a campaign to counter any and all American influences throughout those same regions of the world.  He has brought warships to Venezuela as a direct provocation and we did nothing.  He insists he will give Iran nuclear weapons, and the world shakes it head!  He criticizes ALL our efforts at bringing Peace to the world, and the Democrats nod in agreement!

As Vince Lombardi, the greatest coach in NFL history, once said,  “What in the hell is going on out there?” 

While our soldiers fight and die to create an independent Iraq, Russia delivers nuclear weapons to Iran.  While we give millions to stave off AIDS in Africa, they provide  nuclear technology to Venezuela, a nation run by a mad man.  While we encourage freedom of religion and speech, Russia’s Putin creates new controls on his country’s people.

It is time to put the Russian bear back where he belongs — in a cage…in Russia!  Otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous for the entire world.  Russia is proving that the best defense is a good offense and we have to start using some of our offense against Russian threats, even if we become offensive to the rest of the world.  After all, appeasement is a poor man’s gambit.  In power lies strength, safety and freedom!

It is time to remember how the strength exhibited by President  Reagan kept the Russian bear at bay.  President Reagan knew that Russia was trying to dominate the free world and he decided to come out strongly against such actions.  He had it right with his “some say there’s a bear in the woods” ad.  Unfortunately, that ad could run again today, but I wonder if anyone is listening now?   After all, everyone knows that the bear has escaped its cage and is clawing at the rest of the world.  The question is whether there is a zoo keeper strong enough to put the Russian bear back IN its cage.

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