Lies, lies, and more lies..

It always astounds me that Democrats can lie so convincingly about the Ryan budget plan.  Whether you agree with all its tenets, there is nothing in the plan that would send Grandma over the cliff, as a recent Democrat ad details, nor will Seniors of today suffer any consequences from this plan.  Yet, Democrats continue to lie about the proposal and the media continues to play along.

What will it take for those who purport to be journalists to actually report the FACTS and NOT the lies from Democrats who are using the fear factor for political gain?

Well, until journalism becomes the Profession that it used to be, or until voters study the actual budget, you can expect more of the same from the Democrats and President Obama and his minions because it serves their nefarious purpose.  To our detriment, this is what to expect:

Lies, lies, and more lies………


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