White is white, black is black?


At least, that’s what this authoress seems to be saying!  She winced when she discovered that a guy who was african american was married to a caucasian woman.

Why?  What’s  wrong with black and white, rather than white and white or black and black?  Everyone knows that our country has always been a  melting pot and you have to expect that eventually, we will have gray areas…i.e., marriages of different ethnic groups.  But, so what?

It seems as though minorities always want to whine about all the bad things that happened to their ancestors, as if they were the only ones who have suffered.  Then, they use that ancient pain to identify themselves and insist that they deserve special benefits when, in actuality,  they wouldn’t recognize those same ancestors if they passed them on the street! Besides,  how does something that happened 100 years ago really impact you?  In most cases, these past problems are just an excuse to justify some financial or social demand.

So, I saythis is another example of a person gaming the system.  It is too bad that this lady felt a sting when she heard of an interracial marriage, but that should be HER problem, not ours.  I say that such marriages are a good example of America’s acceptance of all ethnic groups and it is making our country stronger.  We don’t want people to only marry people like themselves.  We want people to meet, and fall in love with those who are their soul mates…whether that mate is the same color, age, or any other criteria.

After all, almost everything in life is better with  a touch of this and a dab of that.  Marriages are the same.  And, so is our country.

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