Heigh ho, the witch is dead…..

Well,  the warlock, Osama bin Ladin,  is dead.  But,his death is not the end of the terrorists’ war.  There are going to be many repercussions before Americans are truly safe.  And,as always happens, one of those non-lethal  repercussions will be a vigorous attempt to claim credit for the success of the mission.

Some already are crediting President Obama for the courage to sign off on the mission.  And, while it might have been difficult for him because he would have suffered political losses if the mission had failed, it was NOT courage on his part.

The people who were truly courageous are those who risked their lives to bring Osama bin Ladin to justice.  Those heroes are all who supported the mission,  but especially the Navy seals.  They are the ones who trained, penetrated the compound, and put themselves in harm’s way.  And, since we will never know who these heroes are, they did it all for love of God and America.

For all of us who are safer now because of them, thank you.




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