What some Democrat partisans see as a scandal…………

another Democrat, and a high-ranking Democrat, believes  is fair:

Ramona Kitzinger, the vice chair of Waukesha County Democratic party who observed the canvass, said she is satisfied the numbers are now correct.

There is NO scandal in this Wisconsin election, unless you want to believe that the initial results reported by the media were correct and have now been tampered with.  There is NO evidence that any tampering occurred!  In Wisconsin, there is ALWAYS a post-election canvass of the vote to make sure that it was an accurate count.  Just because the vote totals now reflect that Prosser won is not grounds for all the insulting and accusatory labels being heaped on Waukesha’s clerk.

If you “counted” on the initial count of votes, you were relying on preliminary numbers which, in this case, didn’t hold up.  There is nothing sinister here.

But, the unions and Democrats WANT there to be a scandal because they figure they can yell, scream and holler their policies into Wisconsin law once they convince the media that something underhanded occurred.   This from a party whose state senators fled the state rather than act like mature representatives of their state.

Wisconsin.  We love our state.  But, sometimes, we wonder why those who DON’T EVEN LIVE HERE are trying to tell us what to do!   Here’s our message for out-of-state unions — GO HOME.  If you have any bright ideas, use them to make your own state better.

Because, Wisconsin voted last November and we told our legislators THEN what we wanted NOW to help our FUTURE!

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