GOP, Democrats, Obama AND Ebola

This is a very disappointing day!

Just when the Lieberals had almost convinced me to blame BUSH for all the ills of America, heck, for everything that has gone wrong in the world, including the Ebola outbreak……..I discover  that the real culprits are the Republicans!

Ad Blames GOP Budget Cuts For Ebola Outbreak

Thank you Lieberals for clearing that up for me!

Thank you Lieberals for being so absurd that even your fellow Democrats will disown you and your ridiculous ad.

Thank you Lieberals for demonstrating the differences between your arrogant, and false,  assertions and the factual approach of Conservatives to our country’s problems.

Now, since the Lieberals want to play games with the facts, let’s play that child’s  game of “which of these things is NOT like the others?”

So, which of these things is NOT like the others?  GOP, Democrats, Obama AND Ebola.

The answer?  This time, as in previous elections,  the right answer is once again, the Grand Old Party — the GOP.




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