Change?  Nope.  It’s the same old, same old, routine for President Obama and his surrogates.

Bad economy?  Blame Bush.

Health Care Legislation in shambles?  Blame Bush.

Iran not “behaving” ?  Blame Bush.

DEMOCRAT LOSES IN MASSACHUSETTS?  Blame Bush!  (No kidding.  Howard Dean did that on Chris Matthews’ show!)

Even after the huge loss by Democrats in Massachusetts, Obama doesn’t understand that HE is now in charge and that HIS huge spending programs are exasperating American voters and deepening the pain for many of us.  Maybe some Americans wanted change;  but, I bet they didn’t want: over 10% unemployment;the financial system mired in regulatory morass and a poor economy; Iran ready to fire missiles at us and our allies;  terrorists in our skies and military bases; and China and Russia forming an alliance to shut us out of the world economy and world decisions!

If this is the CHANGE that Obama and his followers wanted, I wish they would keep it to themselves.

The rest of us want to see full employment, a secure homeland, and an economic environment that doesn’t punish any one sector of our economy, like banks,  for the mistakes of politicians and other segments of the economy.

Government should not bail out business using the mantra that it is  “TOO BIG TO FAIL”.   That philosophy has just led to political greed and corruption on a more massive scale.    No one and no business is too big to fail………….unless you’re describing President Obama’s first year in office!

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