Reading Tea Leaves….

Although tea is considered a healthy, beneficial beverage, tea baggers-Americans who are frightened by the arrogance of Congress and are only trying to be heard,  are considered poisonous fear-mongerers by Democrats.

Democrats, of course, have the right to their opinion, but I wonder if insulting every-day Americans who just want Congress to listen to THEM is helpful to anyone.  Americans, by a significant majority, have rejected the plan for a governmental take over of health care that Democrats, under the leadership of President Obama, are still pushing.  Of course, if the government runs health care, then Congress and the President gain even more power to reward their “own”  with taxpayer dollars, so they’re pushing hard.  They piously claim to be doing what’s best for the American public.  But, are they?

If this is such a good plan, why are Americans against it?  If this is such a good plan,  why is no one in Congress or the President himself clamoring to be included in the newly “insured” group?  If this is such a good plan, why has it not been presented to the American public for THEIR opinion?

The proposed health care legislation would be another governmental fiasco.  NO ONE with any influence wants to be part of the plan!   In actuality,  everyone who could exempted themselves as fast as they could from this “wonderful”  plan.  Unions made a special trip to the White House to get their exemption.  Senators Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson cried about the hardship to their states and received exemptions. And, with every exemption, the burden for paying for this hideous monster rested on fewer and fewer people.  This was NOT a good plan nor was it carefully thought out.  It was a political ploy to make the president and congress APPEAR to be concerned with Americans’ welfare.

Unfortunately, the health care legislation has been little more than congressional scavengers carving out benefits for themselves or their constituency.  This is not Democracy in action.

Demonizing tea baggers in favor of President Obama’s and the Democrats’ version of “what’s best for us” is NOT Democracy in action.

Tea-baggers, who are exercising their freedom of speech, and attempting to get Congress to act in the best interests of the American taxpayer ARE Democracy in action.

So, if Congress is smart, and BEFORE they propose legislation, they should study the issues and actually ASK the American taxpayers what is best for America.

Otherwise, Congress will find themselves in hot water.  And, then, they WON’T be able to read the tea leaves!

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