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Is there Intelligent Life in Wisconsin’s GAB?

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, GAB,  has said it will accept any name on the recall petitions IF there is a valid address and date.   The bureaucrats have decided that it is not their job to make sure that ONLY LEGAL RESIDENTS sign the petitions.  So, Adolph Hitler will be accepted as a signature unless he uses his address in Germany!

Isn’t the GAB supposed to protect us from fraud?  And, if a fake name on a recall petition isn’t thrown out, then fraud has occurred.

There already are too many bureaucrats regulating our lives and businesses and now, we have bureaucrats being paid for NOT doing their job!  If the GAB feels it can’t be responsible for checking whether a signature is valid or not, let’s find someone who will.  After all, there are many unemployed Wisconsin residents looking for work.  They would welcome a job and would probably do it well, and for less, than the current GAB bureaucrats.

It’s criminal that the Government Accountability Board is cheating the Wisconsin electorate and not even living up to the most important word in its name… “accountability”.