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Lying around by the Media

Why does the media continue to allow President Obama to continuously lie about what Republicans have done?  Why does the media allow him to continue lying about what he previously said and what he says now.  Why does the media allow him to flip flop on issues and to avoid contentious issues by blaming someone else?

How many times can Obama blame “rich” Americans for not paying their share and the media fails to point out the obvious:  what Obama calls a millionaire is, for the most part, a small business person earning about $250,000? And, the spending programs Obama promotes are putting America into the poor house.

How many times is Obama allowed to blame Republicans for the unemployment problem when, in fact, the Republican House has sent over 18 bills to the Senate and Harry Reid is the one who refuses to allow them to come up for a vote?

How many times will the media not take Obama to task for yet another vacation, another golf game, or another game of hoops or traveling under the guise of “business” when, in fact, he is not doing his job as President and, so very obviously vacationing and campaigning on the taxpayer’s dollar?

The media accepts Obama’s lack of dedication to the Presidency because they themselves don’t want to do their job which is to check out what anyone in public office says or does or spends.  Oh, yes, the media is the perfect sidekick to Obama.

The media is a bunch of lazy, opinionated, susceptible, and often belligerant, bunch of ne’er-do-wells that do way too much “lying around”, in every sense of the words.  No wonder they get along so well with President Obama!