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A New Teapot Dome Scandal?

President Obama has appointed Senator Schumer’s brother-in-law to a judgeship in New Jersey.  Really?  Is a relative of an influential United States Senator the only choice?  Will the media even take notice and comment on the inappropriateness or even insidiousness of appointing yet another of the inner circle to a position of authority?  No.  CBS, NBC, MSNBC are all trying to stay within Obama’s inner circle, so they’ll say nothing, or laud the choice.  That’s obvious.

It certainly sounds to me as though Obama wants to have his buddies in every level of authority he can.  There was Rahm, a political crony from Shytown.  Geither, another buddy, who couldn’t remember or didn’t know how to file his taxes, was slotted for Treasury.  Holder, another buddy, now runs the Department of Justice.  And, these are just the most prominent friends of Obama appointed to influential positions of government and working very hard for Obama’s agenda, not the benefit of the USA.

Shouldn’t government appointees, especially a judge,  be impartial?  Shouldn’t even the APPEARANCE of any appointment be impartial or does this approach another Teapot Dome Scandal?  It surely sounds like it.  All I know is that I’m warming up the tea kettle, in case we need some hot water to clean the scum created by  Obama and his cronies.

Until the media starts honestly reporting on President Obama’s scandalous behaviour, anyone for tea?