harry reid

You might ask why I don’t capitalize his name… well it’s because he doesn’t deserve it to me. He has no worth to American existence. Yes… we need differing views, but don’t you EVER say we are defeated. America is NEVER defeated. We fight for the right, whether you left winged lunatics believe it or not, we fight for what’s right. Did you believe Iraq had WMD’s? No? Do you think we should help Dafur? Nothing is different you hypocritical assholes. Sadaam killed people un-mercifly. Dafur is doing the same. It’s just someone killing another person. But you turn it political. Even say Bush lied 100%, there is no way you can deny the helping of innocent civilians. Just like the Holocaust… someone wanting to exterminate someone else. All Iran wants to do is eliminate Christianity. In all forms.

I forget the phrase ’cause I hear it so often, but here is he short version. (From what I remember) Besides slavery and communism, war has solved nothing.

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