An editorialist today suggested that Senator Clinton is not qualified to be Secretary of State in the new administration.  Although obviously true, it is irrelevant.  Experience is no longer a prerequisite for anything in America.  Nope.  If you’re a minority, we will pump up your qualifications until you meet job specifications.  If you’re a minority, you can be President….even when you have no legislative — or any other — experience.

Let’s be realistic.  When the Democratic party rallied behind the least experienced, least knowledgable candidate in the history of our country, they ignored the need for experience!  It’s true that Hillary has no experience in foreign affairs, except for those little tea parties she attended as First Lady.  But, why should the Secretary of State specs be any more challenging than those for the President?    Neither Obama nor Hillary have any experience in running a country or running to foreign countries with our policies, but, in today’s America, that apparently has no bearing on who is the best person for a job.

I can’t say that I have ever supported Hillary for anything.  But,  if it takes her out of the country, as Secretary of State duties will do, I say, “You go, Girl!”