Obama….just lyin’ around

So, why would anyone care if the United States President is of good moral character?  I know, many Libs would scoff that that’s an old-fashioned concept.  But, is moral integrity still of any importance in today’s world?  Well, consider these facts.

1-Libya’s president says that the riots in which our ambassador and three others were murdered was PREMEDITATED.

The lie:  Obama, and his cronies, say that the riots were an Islamic reaction to a video which purportedly showed the prophet Mohammed in a poor light.  Unfortunately, the video has been “out” for months.  And, unfortunately, FOX reports that there were no protestors present at the Embassy until the major attack began.

2-Obama claims that Americans are better off thanks to his policies.

The lies:

Unemployment has been above 8%  since his stimulus “worked its magic”.  Ask your friends, family, and neighbors how the stimulus helped them!

Small businesses are afraid of hiring anyone because no one knows what the future taxes nor regulations will be.  See the unemployment rate.

American influence is at an all time low…. so low that the Mid-east is seething with rioters….all insulting America and our flag…and, killing our representatives.

Business are moving their manufacturing overseas in order to be competitive, including GE, the President’s pet corporation.

Gas prices are at an all time high.  How’s that working out for people who commute?

Every poll finds that Americans are pessimistic about the future and believe that their children will have a worse future than they had.

3-Obama claimed he would have a transparent and “above-board” administration.

The lies:The health care bill was passed in secret and without the public even seeing the documents, DESPITE  OBAMA’S PROMISES THAT EVERY BILL WOULD BE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC FOR A NUMBER OF DAYS BEFORE THE VOTE WAS TAKEN.

And, of course, the Congress didn’t read it either before the Democrats, on a partisan basis, passed the bill.  Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous  comment “we’ll have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it?”

Representative Issa has requested documents about Fast and Furious over and over.  In more than a year, the Justice Department, under Eric Holder, has refused to allow the required access to documents.

4-Obama said he would run a campaign of high integrity.

The lie:  To date, his campaign has accused Governor Romney of being a financial vulture, of causing cancer which killed a woman, of being uncaring about the middle class, of not being skilled enough or experienced enough to be President.  (BTW, former President Clinton said that Romney was a sterling businessman and that, as a former governor, Romney was definitely qualified to be President.)

How can Americans trust a man like Obama who routinely lies and, through either his lack of experience or arrogance, has run our country into a deep recession and two downgrades of our financial rating?  How can Americans trust a man like Obama who refuses to release his college records?  How can Americans trust a man like Obama who wants to make secret deals with Russia….in the future…..when he has more “flexibility” ?

What makes a President trustworthy?  Is it endless golf?  Is it endless basketball games?  Is it endless social outings with Hollywood stars?  Is it more campaign stops than intelligence briefings?

The problem with our current administration is that they are constantly campaigning on a mixture of innuendoes and lies.  And, re-election is their only motive, NOT the welfare of America.  No.  Obama will say anything and do anything to be re-elected…..even if it means he’s just lyin’ around!



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