The new "low-down"

Democrats are furious that President Bush publicly stated that he is against appeasing terrorists. Their reply is to come out, in force, calling him names and denigrating him for this position. There is no sober discussion of what he meant, but an immediate assumption that he meant THEM, specifically Senator Obama!!!

And, the media faithfully continues the charade, just as if the Democrats were not at fault. President Bush is right and everyone knows that. But, for political advantage, the Democrats are going to pretend to be offended. This politization of our domestic and foreign policy is bread and butter to Democrats. They consistently impair our President’s ability to deal with our national security, whether he is home or abroad, and then turn to vitriolic attacks against him.

Unfortunately, the consequences always harm our country and its stature in the world. Their constant harranguing against President Bush makes other nations feel they, too, can continually assail our intentions and actions. The Democrats’ constant barrage against the President makes other countries feel free to jump on the raucous band wagon of disdain.

Democrats say they are just as patriotic as any American, but I disagree. It is unpatriotic to not defend our troops, especially while they are at war. It is unpatriotic to undermine our President, especially while we are at war, all in the name of winning the presidency in the next election. It is unpatriotic to do anything –whether it is name calling or outright lying — simply for political advantage.

How low-down can they get?

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