A Little Too Far?

Well, the left is at it again. Barbara Streisand had a concert in NY I believe, and she did a skit ripping on Bush. As a fan yelled and said he wanted a refund, she said, “Shut the f**k up if you can’t take a joke.” Now what is so funny about this is, it was no joke. What the joke is people are like, oh yeah, that was funny Barbara. I wonder if she ever did a ‘joke’ about good ole Bill Clinton? I bet not

n this time of political fire we really need to take a step back and see what people are doing and saying. Like the Foley case. Does anyone realize that there have been many democrat senators who actually had SEX with their underage victims and were still supported by the democratic party and won a few re-elctions. I am in no way supporting Foley, but the democrats can sure turn the other cheek when one of their own do the same, or in this case and many more, worse things.

Ohh… this was a few weeks ago but I was listening to some lib radio down here in Madison. The lady on there said that Bush was at parties groping other women. She was like, what kind of president would act like that. Now I’m not saying that had Bush done that, it would be right, but the hipocrisy of the left to think Clinton is their perfect leader, when he did much worse things than Bush is doing in their minds at parties. It doesn’t add up, but then again, nothing in the way liberals think do.

For Wisconsin voters who may ever read this. Vote YES in the marriage ban, vote Mark Green in and let’s get rid of the Doyle tuition hikes. Somehow he’s convinced the liberals that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Does anyone actually realize he’s increased it for in-state people and decresed for out-of-state. Isn’t a University such as Madison supposed to pander to in-state people.

– Mr. Knowledge

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