Media’s drive to "drive" The News

There is an interesting posting on the Drudge today that speculates as to whether the IM that sank Foley’s career was actually part and parcel of an elaborate joke gone “bad”. The unfortunate jokesters, it is said, have now hired lawyers to protect themselves from any law suits that might spring from their defaming, although unwittingly, the now defunct Flordia legislator and/or others.

Wow. What if that is true? If you didn’t read the Drudge, you would never hear of this possibility because the media pundits are intent on ramming the trainload of accusations further down the track. They don’t want to wait and see if the rail cars are full or not.

For example, if you watched Tony Snow’s news conference today, you would have seen David Gregory once again trying to extricate an answer that coincides with David’s view of the issue. Mr. Gregory is unable to accept any answer unless it fits his agenda. He is typical of the media with his arrogant assumption that the other “guy” has to be wrong and he has to be right.

We’ll have to wait and see how this fiasco turns out.

However, if the genesis of this scandal does begin with a false and horrible practical joke, I hope that the joke comes back to bite the media and not us!

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