A Difference of Opinion

There is a difference of opinion in America. Having a differing opinion about what movie to watch, is good. It’s what makes everyone an individual. But, differences in how to handle terroism and dangerous threats to America should never be left to people who’s opinion is swayed purely by their own selfish, personal gain.

Terroism is obviously a huge issue in America. How best to defeat these horrible, horrible people is up for debate. Nancy Palosi will try to make you believe that America is bad, and if we’d just keep our nose out of issues, everything would work out. I’m sorry, but that did not work. We did that in the 90’s and we were attacked many times. These people want to kill us, not because of what we do, it’s because of who we are. We aren’t Muslim, so to them we deserve to die.

See this is where the whole focus changes. No one who can honestly think through this would ever want to sit on our hands, but since Nancy will probably get re-elected because of this view, she’s going to push that issue. People see me and think, oh all he wants is to fight in a war. I want peace just as much as anyone else. I just realize that to make peace, sometimes you have to fight.

I’ve already went over illegal immigration in a previous article, but that could easily go in this article. This leads into the Voter-ID situation. Democrats do not want Voter-ID because that would mean many illegal immigrants who vote for the democrats will now not be able to vote. But, what they tell you is that the poor will have problems getting ID’s. Well, ho-hum, the ID’s would be offered free of charge. So their whole argument has no basis what-so-ever.

– Mr. Knowledge

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