Who’s for "go" and who’s for "show" ?

The difference between the political parties in dealing with scandals is strikingly clear when you compare the reactions of both parties to the despicable actions of the Florida legislator.

When a Democrat shows bad behaviour, the Democrats circle the wagons and use every means, fair and foul, to keep that person in office. President Clinton was the most recent and egregious betrayer of the public trust when he abused a White House intern and lied about it to the public. He was not the only Democrat to commit immoral and even criminal acts, but he certainly was the most public figure to do so. What happened? Most Democrats tried to defend him rather than impeach him.

Now, a Republican has been caught and what happened? The Republicans immediately forced the miscreant to resign. While the Democrats are whooping and hollering, happy to witch hunt with questions about who knew what, when, and how, the Republicans acted.

That is the difference between the two parties. The Democrats scheme to gain the most political mileage from every event. The Republicans act honorably and evict the offender.

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