Hot Head….

Ok… so usually I’m a hot head, which most people including the Mom Team will verify. But, I think I know more about what’s going on than 95% of the people in this country. I have been pulled, and pulled, and finally that rubber-band has snapped.

Kevin Barret, the useless pile of rat shit who teaches at UW-Madison is at it yet. I just recieved an email that he is having a lecture in a building on campus. Now what really gives me a red ass is the fact it’s this Sunday, and it is not a normal lecture. He’s just lecturing on 9/11 and the conspiracys. Ok, I pay for the buildings on this campus. I don’t want to pay money to upkeep building where idiots who couldn’t find their ass with 2 hands to lecture people on subjects that are false.

You see, academic freedom means you have the right to teach anything you want. The only problem with that, is you can’t teach lies. I wish I was a famous professor, and I would hold a class teaching that black people are less smart than white people. In all honesty, it’s more of a fact than is 9/11 was a conspiracy. I bet you with 99% certainty, that white people are on average smarter than black’s. This isn’t racist, it’s stats libs. I bet you I would be fired because, that isn’t real, just an attempt to push my own theory. Well this conspiracy is the same thing.

This post may be badly written, but I’m in a pissed off mood. Take it as you see it. I hate liberals, pure and simple. As in a previous post about Lieberman,, I explain my distain for libs. They are egotistical idiots. They push their own agenda, even if it means disaster for the future and for Americans.

It’s the old joke about the girl and the kittens. If you don’t remember, I’ll re-tell the joke. “So this girl has some newborn kittens. The preacher comes around and asks her what kind of kittens she has. She’s like, ‘These are liberal kittens’. So the preacher leves and returns the next week and is like, ‘So how are those liberal kittens?’ and the girl responds, ‘Oh, they aren’t liberal kittens anymore, they are republican kittens now.’ The preacher says, ‘Well they were liberal kittens last week.’ The girl responds, ‘Well last week they had their eyes and ears closed.'”

– Mr. Knowledge

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