Whom to trust

Former Presidents Carter and Clinton have apparently undergone a miraculous experience. They now know ALL THE ANSWERS!

And, apparently, the answers always run contrary to whatever our current President Bush is doing, saying, thinking, or feeling. Wow. It is so comforting to realize that President Carter, aka “Give away the canal regardless of what the American people want”, and President Clinton, of “I tried and failed” vintage, can now positively tell the American public how to solve every world crises.

Unfortunately, the only part of their plan articulated is to throw out Republicans. Then, these two Democratic icons claim all the world’s problems will be fixed.

Forget that both of these lackluster, former Presidents were renowned world-wide as indecisive leaders who allowed terrorism to gain ground through their inability to deal forcefully and immediately with aggression and violence. President Carter was too busy asking his daughter, about 10 years old at the time, what she thought of the world situation. President Clinton was too busy asking……….well, we all know what he was thinking and doing. Both of them failed in their duties as President and now want to change history so that the blame falls on the current administration.

Well, I am old enough to remember both of these men and their tenure. Frankly, neither of them were effective in the Oval Office. The United States’ foreign policy was given away to the UN and anyone else who cared to tell us what to do. Rather than a resolute, pro-American stance, these two twisted in the political winds of their time. With their past debacles, why would anyone trust or believe them now?

But, they claim that they know better now. Let’s hope the American voters do, too.

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