The media’s political con game

Anyone who watches tv can probably identify the political biases of a given network. Fox is considered center to right of center. CNN is slightly left of center while MSNBC is definitely in left field. Most viewers can feel these slants just by watching and gauging network coverage.

A new study that I heard about yesterday, however, presents a more objective conclusion because, in this study, they actually counted and timed the air time of all stories by the “old” networks — ABC, NBC, and CBS.

This study would, obviously, be more scientific and definitive than merely calling and asking someone what they thought.

The conclusions showed not only definite biases by the networks, but an actual intent, and attempt, to skew the news to support liberal theology (and, yes, it is a religion for most liberals).

Unsurprisingly, CBS was determined to have shown far longer and more sensationalistic articles when the subject demeaned the current administration. When the news was positive, or pro-Administration, the stories were short and curt.

Especially during this pre-election period, voters should not rely on the drivel that drools from these openly liberal proponents. Dan Rather was fired for stepping over the journalistic line. Is it too much to hope that the CBS executives will suffer the same fate for using their air time to promote an ideology rather than present the news?

Voters should consider their decisions based on facts, not media driven falsehoods. Voters should attempt to discern the true issues of safety, economic security, and general welfare based on factual accounts.

And, if jobs, housing, security, and general well-being are the standards, then the Republicans have done an extraordinarily good job and should be re-elected.

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