Joe Wilson

When President Bush (41) spoke to school children, the Democrats demanded hearings on the issue.  When President Obama spoke with school children, the Democrats were vocal in their outrage that anyone would question Obama.

When President Bush was called Hitler and other vicious names on the House floor, the Democrats encouraged them. When Joe Wilson rebukes Obama for an erroneous statement, the Democrats censure him.

When other countries insulted us, our system, and demanded MORE MONEY, the Democrats said nothing.  When Russia decides to give nuclear weapons to Venezuela, they sit on their hands.

So, when the President made his comment, so obviously wrong at that time, someone from his own party should have called him on it.  But, the Democrats are afraid to be out of lock step with Pelosi and Reid, so they waited for someone else to reprove the President.  That person was Joe Wilson.

Joe just called it like he saw it!

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