More on "their" money……

Do you have health care? We do.
Who pays for it? We do.

Does your neighbor have health care?
If you do, odds are that your neighbor does, too.

Does everyone have health care? No.
Should everyone have health care? Yes.

Who should pay for health care? The ones who already pay for their own or the ones who are not currently paying for health care?

That is the crux of the issue. Should we, who have put money aside for years and foregone certain luxuries, in order to provide for our families, now have to pay for someone else? It hardly seems fair.

This, however, is what Congress is trying to pass without the American public’s knowledge. And, worse yet, they are trying to make American tax payers foot the bill for illegal immigrants!!!!!

This Congress pledged to be honest and aboveboard in all matters. So far, they have wasted more time on inquiries into red herrings than any previous Congress. They have accomplished so little that their approval ratings are the lowest of the low.

Maybe this Congress should begin to look into ways to save the American tax payer money rather than on how to sneak new costs into the budget. The tax burden is already incredibly high for many of us. It is insulting to now ask us to pay for the health care of people who are not even American citizens.

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