Anyone remember when that Democratic senator was caught with those documents and money in his house, and everyone in Congress went poo-poo because how dare they entice him and search his home. Now that it’s a Republican, I know, no one will come to his backing, and everyone will say Republicans are bad. You can’t have it both ways liberals. Well, I guess you think you can. Support the troops, but not the war. What about supporting the troops that have already perished, and not pulling out after they died for what they thought was right?

Now Wisconsin is trying to pass this universal healthcare deal. What a bunch of retards running their mouths at what they think will work. How will this honestly help business and people who already have healthcare? If the standard of care is not going to drop, how will working Wisconsinites be paying less when they are paying for more people? Simple math people. If there are 10 hard working Wisconsinites that pay for their own healthcare, they are in theory, paying for 10 people, right? So now add 10 free loaders, illegals and any other miscreants who want free healthcare. That now means those 10 workers pay for 20 people instead of 10. With equal coverage and quality, that’s going to increase the cost. Plus we all know how once the government runs something, it either takes a nose dive, or it costs 20 times the ammount it would in the private sector.

Whatever happened to the idea that we were the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? We now seem to be the Land of the Freeloaders and Home of the Minority (getting whatever they want…). We used to be a capitalist country, and that’s what made us better and stronger than any challenger. Now with the liberals trying to tell me how to spend my money, where has the capitalism gone? People do need help, and there are some programs that do infact, help. But I will not sit here and let some liberal tell me this bullshit that some illegal immigrant should be able to come into my country, and have a baby at my expense. I’m going to school to do what? I guess to earn money to pay for people who do not go to school and want to ride my coat tails so they have an easy life. Go home illegals, no one wants you here, and get a job you welfare free loaders.

Mr. Knowledge out.