Whose dollar bill is that in your wallet? Is it yours? Or, is it your elected representative’s?

If Hillary has her way, it will be hers. She believes that any imbalances of income should be “corrected” by robbing you to pay your neighbor’s bills. Of course, she doesn’t say this very often.

If Congress has its way, each Senator or Representative will decide where that dollar goes, rather than you. And, the theft might happen where you will least expect it — in an earmark program. Earmarks are just Congress’ sneaky method of spending our money in a way where we won’t notice. That is why this procedure is hidden under layers of bureaucracy where you won’t see it often.

The solution to this grand larceny is to have every, single piece of legislation voted on individually, based on the legislation’s merits. Amendments must be germane to the issue of the legislation. For example, if the issue at hand is whether to demand voter identification, only an amendment that deals with the costs of such programs should be included. Neither peanut farmers in Georgia nor aircraft manufacturers in California should be allowed to tack on amendments giving them our money.

The American public is savvy enough to decide where it spends the money it earns. Congress should start acting more like our representatives than a band of thieves!