Who can you believe?

No one these days. Everyone is a flip-flop artist. Both sides have their share. The real problem is no-one calls anyone out on anything anymore, well except for those LIEberal TV stations. But do they call everyone out? No, only George Bush, and any other Republican in congress. They believe that the American public is stupid, and most of it is to listen to these idiots and believe them, so they can say whatever they want and no-one will call them on it. But when you directly ask one of these stations, all they say is, “Well, well…. Fox News is Conservative.” What are your comparisons for this? Did you know that there’s a show called Hannity & Colmes. Colmes is a Democrat. Did you know that they give pretty fair coverage? Probably not cause you only watch that lackluster comedian John Stewart and only see the 2 scenes that are based on pro-Republican ideas. Watch it for a day and you’ll find some very fair coverage. Sure they have O’Riley and Hannity, but NBC or CBS or ABC (same shit, different pile) has Chris Matthews (just shit), a former Democratic writer. Yeah, no bias there.

Back to John Stewart. Did you notice his whole comedy is based on showing a clip of GWB and then him staring at the monitor like a dumb-shit, and everyone laughing. Ok, it’s not funny, people are just too stupid to make up their mind so they try to look to you. And yeah, you are shitty. There’s probably good reason you are named like the last losing President and Vice President candidates. Oh yeah, who were they? Flush the Johns!!!!

Mr. Knowledge knows. And that’s why he’s Mr. Knowledge.

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