Where do YOUR tax dollars go?

Almost everyone believes that their taxes are too high. For some, taxes steal more than half of the income. Consider how many taxes you pay.

Each individual pays: income tax, sales tax, license fees, permit fees, Social Security tax, unemployment taxes, property taxes, pet fees, yada yada.

In addition, what we buy includes the taxes that employers and businesses pay to the government which include, but are not limited to: unemployment taxes, health insurance premiums, Social Security taxes, FISA taxes, and fees for the right to do business, etc. These costs are, obviously, part of the final price you pay for any product or service you buy. But are these taxes really being spent wisely?

Unfortunately, this Democratic Congress has maintained the earmark system which allows them to hide ridiculous expenditures within another legislative bill. These earmarks serve no one but the congressman’s reelection chances. Earmarks include subsidizing peanut farmers in Georgia and teaching native Haiwaiians how to canoe! Every Congress person has a pet project and we are the ones paying for them.

So, where do YOUR tax dollars go? Are you buying a bridge to nowhere in Alaska or are you paying a farmer not to grow a crop? Are you funding a project that will actually help someone or just paying the bills for yet another bureaucratic juggernaut?

Check it out. Your tax dollars should be spent for our common good, not for a Congressman’s welfare.

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