Letter To The UW-Conservation Division

This candy-ass division of our University says they want to be 20% reduced, or 20% something by 2010. Whatever it is, they want to be using less energy. This is what i had to say to them :

“I think it’s so funny how big of a hypocrite the UW is. You want more conservation, yet you water lawns (question i asked a while back, and never heard a response from), you put 2 new dorms in, which hold less than Ogg, then want to tear Ogg down. Also, not sure if it’s just rumor, but tear down Sellery and Whitte? Where is the conservation there? Ogg just needed a little work to get that nice enough. Building on University Square is also a non-conservatory effort. While new equipment is necessary, new rooms are not. The students of today can learn in the same classrooms our parents did. Now, while I agree some dorms may be too small, why not use Ogg as a single student/room? When will it end? If only they’d stop building, maybe we could save on energy, and with that money, maybe pay some professors to stay on campus.”

I was going to end with, and lower tuition for us students, but I thought they wouldn’t think I was taking a direct approach against their Al Gore hypocrite style of living.

Mr. Knowledge

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