Congratulations, Iraq

No matter how Saddam’s conviction and sentence is assessed by anyone else, his lengthy trial and conviction is a triumph for the newly formed judicial system Of Iraq. Hoorah for them.

Unfortunately, now that the verdict is in, many will try to second guess the decision. In fact, the first complaints are already being heard. The Vatican is against capital punishment and says that Saddam should not be hanged. Well,I am a Catholic, too; but, I believe that, at some point, every society should have the right to protect itself from violence. And, sometimes, violence itself is the only answer to the violence that stems from evil. And, Saddam is certainly evil incarnate.

Then, there are the Democrats who are already complaining that the verdict was orchestrated to help American politicians who have supported the war against terrorism in Iraq. How provincial to assume that every event world-wide is predicated upon its effect on America!!!! It is as if the Democrats see the world as a reflection of themselves and do not recognize that other countries have their own philosophy in how to handle their part of the world.

But, really, how can anyone complain? After all, the court was an Iraqui court. The judge was Iraqui. The laws were Iraqui. And, the verdict was Iraqui.

Instead, let’s appreciate the maturing nation known as Iraq and realize that their judicial decisions are a result of their own system and philosphy, not ours. Let’s try, even in this political season, to prevent anyone from using this Iraqui decision to divide American voters by postulating that the Iraqui verdict was driven by American politics.

And, let’s be grateful that another tyrant has been bested by the heroic American soldier. Without our soldiers, we all would be victims of men like Saddam and the radical terrorists.

God bless each and every soldier who stands between us and terrorism.

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