The Mid-East triangle of problems

Premise: If we don’t corral Iran soon, we will have the beginnings of another warring faction who have already sworn to defeat all who are not of their faith.


Iraq, in a desperate move, is now discussing security with Iran and Syria who were instrumental in arming and encouraging terrorists to attack Iraquis and the rest of the world.

Iran continues to forecast more trouble for anyone who opposes Iran’s descent back into an unrelenting, people-debasing dictatorship — one ruled by radical clerics.

Our soldiers fight not only against the terrorists, but political partisans back home who have denounced so much of the war effort that no foreign country feels the need to back our President.

Here are some possible solutions.

Split Iraq into its natural, ethnic regions — i.e., the Kurds get the northern third, the Shiites and Sunni the southern two thirds. There is no reason to continue trying to establish a “united” Iraq when the ethnic groups so obviously hate each other. With Saddam gone, there is no rationale to pretend that these ethnic groups have any unifying purpose. Iraq today is not similar to the origin of the United States when people from a variety of countries and ethnic origins sought the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The radical Islamists demand the right to define not only liberty and happiness, but to rule on Life itself.

Let’s not pretend — for political correctness or any other pretext — that Abinedajab, and his minions, are reasonable people! In the past months, Iran has continued to threaten the world community if we don’t fall into line — their line. It is obvious, whether the world admits it, that Iran is on a collision course with any non-Islamist entity. We desperately need a world leader to knock Iran down a peg. When are our world leaders going to accept the responsibility of forcing Iran into the appropriate line and stop trying to cajole these radicals into playing nice?

Our soldiers cannot depend upon the incoming Congress who want to cut and run. Let Israel take out Iran before it establishes itself as a nuclear beast. If we want to prevent total domination of the MidEast by scary regimes like Iran and Syria who have no concept of individual freedom, we had better back the Israelis. It is obvious that our incoming congress is not going to have the backbone to force terrorism into submission, so let those who do have the strength of purpose do it — i.e., Israel.

What a shame that our military has fought so long and so hard and yet the Democrats preferred to use the war as a political issue rather than as the enlarging threat that Iran presents. They have caviled so much that we might have to rely upon an ally to demolish the increasingly strident threat from Iran!

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