Committees –where politicians belong

Many people today claim that the war in Iraq is in a state of crisis. Indeed, discussing the state of the war in Iraq is the bread and butter of almost every media outlet in America, and probably throughout the world. World leaders have posited opinions and the media continually runs images of protestors who also claim to know what is best. But, how can this situation actually be resolved and America protected from terrorism?

The first answer always seems to include some form of a committee. Henry Kissinger proposes a world-wide committee to study the issue. President Bush has appointed a committee to suggest a solution. The UN, the world’s most useless committee, wants to take over control of the war as if their track record gives anyone confidence of their success! Countless committees in the new Congress will undoubtedly study each and every issue. These committees will appoint other committees who will rely yet again on their own committees to find answers!

The problem, as I see it, is that appointing committees is essentially a means of pushing the problem into the future. In case you’ve forgotten, “The best way to stall anything is to hand it over to a committee!”

Committees and commissions are SLOW-moving bodies whose inertia is matched only by the mountains of paperwork they produce. Seldom are these bodies well-organized and even more infrequently do they create a true solution to anything. They give the impression that something is “being done”, but they accomplish next to nothing.

So, as a high school friend used to say, “Let’s cut the huckle buck.”

Being politically correct has cost us lives and not created a peaceful Iraq. Tell the military to wipe out the terrorists. Forget trying solutions because they are politically or diplomatically more attractive.

And, let’s keep the committees and politicians out of the way. I know. Assign the politicians to a committee!

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