Nobel “Piece” Prize

By awarding the nobel peace prize to a highly inexperienced politician, i.e., President Obama, the committee has shown just how little this prize actually means any more.  I would like the committee to name ONE thing that Obama has actually accomplished in his years as a community organizer, 2 year senator, and now President of the United States.

They couldn’t because there is nothing.

The committee is using the Peace prize as a political piece of incentive to encourage the United States to shift its policies and philosophy to be more in accord with the socialist agenda of Europe. By stroking Obama’s ego, they know that they will get more “goodies from the candy jar” of the United States!

There may be some who will herald this award as yet another feather in Obama’s cap.  I see it as a confirmation that even the Nobel Peace Prize committee is  politically motivated.  They hope to shift the world’s attention to what Obama “might” accomplish rather than the lack of accomplishments.  It is a gesture of pure politics, not a reward for a job well done.  And, it proves that Obama is more attuned to European and Asian demands than those of his own country, the United States.

Oh, yes, the Nobel Peace Prize is a REAL PIECE of work!

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