Health Scare

The Democrats’ committe voted FOR the Baucus health care bill, despite not a single Republican supporting it.

Well, that’s to be expected.

However, now the process moves behind closed doors and I want to know why?  This is not a matter of personnel which does warrant confidential discussions.  This is about the American taxpayers’ right to know what, how, when, and why a legislative committee — supposedly elected to REPRESENT US, NOT COERCE US — is deciding on a major, reformative bill.

The public has shown its antipathy for this type of reform many times.  The latest study shows that, if you have a good health care plan, expect to pay at least another $4,000 per year for it!

So, why, oh why, are the Democrats still trying to force this into law?  It is because they know that, once passed, it is almost impossible to repeal.  And, they are so arrogant that they believe they know better than we do about every issue.  Plus, a lot of their buddies are going to make money on this scheme.  We know that the government will be hiring many more employees to manage this travesty of a law.

This all began with President Obama’s talk of health care problems.  Surveys show that about 70-80% of Americans are satisfied with their present health care system.  But, as a control freak, Obama is determined to turn health care into a governmental program that he can  control.

From czars to Congress, Obama’s goal is to have a dictatorship wherein he chooses all options for everyone.  This is not really about health care.  It is using health scare tactics to destroy our dem0cracy.

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