Mr. Knowledge’s Rants…

I’ve seen this Citi credit card ad for a few weeks now that mentions in this tough economic time, people are looking for ways to save money. Shouldn’t we, in good and bad times, look for ways to save money? These same people who over extended themselves thinking it will always be cherry, are now the ones who are looking for handouts. While others, who know that times won’t always be perfect, don’t over extend themselves and now have to pay for those who did.

Secondly, this whole Limbaugh thing is just crazy. All over in the papers and online they are ripping him left and right, and even using quotes that he never said as truths. It’s fine if you disagree with him, but when ”legit” sources are using false quotes, it just proves that they are against him for his politics, not his implied racism.

Thirdly, read this : Where is Algore now?

Mr. Knowledge

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