A Halloween Scare: The real cost of health care!

President Obama and his Democrat minions would have you believe that health care is not going to cost Americans money, but that it will actually SAVE money! When has buying MORE of something ever cost LESS?  That is ridiculous. In reality, rather than the “new” and “improved” vision for America that Obama promised, he wants to foist yet another federal program upon us.   He wants to make the “rich” pay more and the “poor” pay less.

Although making the rich pay more is a popular, Populist concept, income redistribution has never worked and it won’t work for health care either. By taking more from the wealthier Americans, it means they have less to spend.  With less to spend, they cut back on purchases that create jobs for others.   This is what happened years ago when a luxury tax was put on yachts.  Carver’s boat company in Pulaski, Wisconsin, discovered that the higher price for their boats led to less demand.  The people with boats simply kept them another year, rather than pay the higher price.  As a result, Carver had to lay off many employees.  How did that help the economy?

The newspaper today had an article that showed that my husband and I will likely be paying $25,000 more for health care this year because we earn “too much”.   Those taxes will be on top of higher business expenses which were precipitated by the huge bailouts and other forms of governmental largesse, such as ear marks.  There will be NO raises in our business this year for anyone.  And, I bet our employees will buy less which will hurt local businesses.

Charities, too, will notice a drop off in donations because those who traditionally support charities will have less disposable income and thus will be donating less.

But, worst of all is that only “some Americans” will have to pay for this fiasco.  Congress, our President who extolls the virtues of universal health care, unions, teachers, and other “friends” of Democrats will be exempt from this new program!!!!  This proposed health care program is not only filled with potential problems, it is yet another governmental program that promises more than it can possibly give and that makes one group pay yet again for someone else!

Democracy in America is dead……….or, dying little by little.  Maybe that is fitting for Halloween 2009.

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