I’ll tell you what’s heating up…



The models are imperfect.

“There is a lot of room for improvement” in the models.

So you’re telling me that these models are imperfect? I love how these so called experts blatantly lambaste us with evidence of global warming and how the future is bleak, when they can’t even predict the near future correctly. This just shows you how a few nut jobs purveying their ideas in the media can get the mindless lemmings of lieberals believing anything.

Am I glad that people take interest at least in the future? Yes. Am I glad that people ride bike instead of drive, recycle, use CFL’s and other green technologies? Yes. But what I don’t like is when people argue their points when their so called evidence is based on opinion and guess-work models vs cold hard facts.

And, if you ever have to argue with these nutcases, it’s quite comical. They’ll say that you don’t care about the environment or that you don’t care about mother earth. Psssh, that’s total hogwash. I myself pay extra so that the electricity into my home comes from renewable energy*.

There needs to come a time when these lieberals and wacko tree huggers stop using fear, lies and models of the future that appear to be flawed. Why is the UK government using tax money to inform the population about global warming? I think it’s time that the voter decides for himself instead of being led on by our governments. To quote a the movie MIB, “A person is smart, people are stupid.”

-Mr. Knowledge

*Technically the energy isn’t directly into my home. It’s just that WPS has to match to the grid the amount of energy I use.

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