Is there a vendetta against Christmas?

Fox network was using this as the question of the day. The question should not be if there are people working against Christmas, but whether these people are working against Christians?

Why is it politically correct to have a Jewish or Islamic religious symbol in a school, but the Christians are limited to a tree?

Why should the Imams ask for, and probably receive, a special area in which to pray when everyone knows that if a Christian asked for such a favor, they would be laughed out of the airport.

Why, if the majority of Americans are Christians, is the ACLU working so hard to discourage every single tidbit of religion in today’s society?

Why is it okay for a minority to make fun of a different ethnic group, but the rest of us must watch every word and action so as not to offend someone else?

Why, why, why?

It is because there is a small minority who feel that they have the right to control every facet of life in America today, including our thoughts, words, actions and religious beliefs. Kinda’ sounds like Iran, doesn’t it?

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