Things I’ve Heard

I don’t like to listen to the news, because I see how absurd it is. I also laugh when people claim Fox News is biased. Yeah, it’s biased to the middle. CNN and other new outlets spew outright lies, and this should not be tolerated no matter what your political views are. Someone needs to hold them accountable, and not tune in. This happened with Air-America, the liberal talk radio, that since there were no listeners, it’s gone bankrupt. O’Riley, Limbaugh and other republican voices are still going strong on the radio.

I’ve heard people call Bush an outright criminal. Even though I agree Bush has made mistakes with some issues, he is no criminal. Bush fights for what’s right, no matter if you agree with how he does it. He wants to spread democracy, which is a good thing. He wants evil dictators out of power, such as Saddam.

War I guess never solves anything. A Revolutionary, Civil, 2 WW’s and countless others hasn’t done anything to improve life? Go back to pre-revolutionary times anti-war activists. See how fast you change your views. Fighting is necessary. I think Japan in WW2 is the prime example. We dropped the one big one, they wouldn’t put down their guns and surrender, so we dropped another. This stopped Americans from dying. And who started this war?

Global Warming. Err… Climate Change. I don’t know what they try to call it now. All I know is nothing is going on. First of all, do you think us pitiful humans can change the climate? Doubtful. Secondly, wasn’t global warming supposed to make this year the worst hurricane year on record. Yet, this year has been one of the calmest on record.

As Alec Baldwin says in Team America, “Who do you blame for the recent terroist attacks? The terroists themselves? The person who supplied the terroists with the bombs? No, blame Team America.”

– Mr. Knowledge

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