The far left hypocrits — a study in irrationality

Given: The following sound bites are loudly proclaimed and scripted by the far left of the Democratic party:

Democrats claim that General Petraeus’ report was compromised, indeed written, by the White House.
Democrats claim that the suggested troop decrease is not enough.
Democrats claim they know how to solve the world’s problems.

Here, however, are the unalterable truths:

General Petraeus himself said he had written the report. Although General Petraeus has a long and honorable history in the military and was unanimously approved by the very ones who now are calling him a liar, the Democrats refuse to give any credence to his report.

The troop reductions need to be measured so as to protect both the American and coalition forces left behind and to protect the Iraquis who have tried to move toward Democracy.

Although the Democrats talk a good story, they have yet to propose a reasonable and intelligent method of dealing with any situation, be it military or domestic. The Democrats seem to think that all issues should be political volley balls rather than seriously considered in terms of what is best for our country.

Answer: The term liberal used to define someone who dealt with issues from the vantage point of government being needed to help solve people’s problems. Conservatives, of course, believed that the public had the intelligence to work out most of their own problems.

In today’s world, the government, as represented by Democrats (or, as my son coined them, the LIEberals) is doing its utmost to upset another political party no matter the cost to our great nation. No wonder the polls show that Congress has the lowest approval rating of any group. The public knows that the far left are the ultimate hypocrits.

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