More Discrimination?

Whoopi Goldberg was quoted as saying that Michael Vick should not be blamed for killing dogs nor running a dog fighting ring because dog fighting is part of certain cultures. Unfortunately for Whoopi’s argument, it is against the law in America to abuse animals! And, if cultural precedent is the only determining factor in what we can do, here are a few other horrors that could continue under Whoopi’s philosophy.

If her theory holds, then child labor could continue because, in certain cultures, children are routinely sent to work immediately.

Child prostitution would also be acceptable to Whoopi because children have been forced to be sex slaves for years in some countries.

Murdering women would be acceptable because, in some cultures,the wife is considered no more than chattel.

Oh, yeah, and keeping slaves would have been acceptable, too, because — at that time — some cultures thought it was acceptable to kidnap and enslave other human beings!

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