So… tell me? Who is this?

A man who does not believe in free speech.

A man who does not believe that people diffrent than him should be treated as equals.

A man who does not believe that women are equal to men.

A man who hates America.

No, it’s not George Bush. No it’s not Ted Kennedy. No it’s not Barack Obama. It’s that a$$-hole from Iran. His name deserves no writing. I bannish his name from this site.

America is great. It is the greatest country on the planet. We believe in freedom. We believe that the people make the decisions, not the Government. Sometimes we let that line get too gray.

When will someone come up to the stage, either democrat or Republican and take action? We need a person who is not influenced by minority groups. No. We need someone who is for the people, who IS the people.

Mr. Knowledge loves America The Beautiful

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