Discretion, Common sense and Self control

Why can’t the media show a little discretion, common sense and self control?

Yes, freedom of speech guarantees the media’s right to publish pretty much anything. Yes, the American public has a right to know what is happening here and in the world. And, yes, the Iranian president is coming to the UN.

But, knowing that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons and that Amandinejad is fervantly anti-Israel, why not use some discretion in reporting his visit? Banish the news article to a back page somewhere — like the classifieds! Why let a monster have the benefit of such wide and generally positive media exposure? Discretion is still the better part of valor.

Common sense tells us that publicity strengthens his hateful message and everytime he appears on tv, or in print, he wins a little. Common sense questions why Russia, China, and even Germany, are afraid to confront this mid-east beast. Ask why anyone continues to pretend that Iran’s arguments are logical when everyone knows that a nuclear Iran would be a threat to world peace. Ask the UN and Annan why they want to strengthen Iran? If any of them are honest, they all seek to weaken America and Israel in order to improve their own status in the world community. Common sense says that these are questions the media should be, but are not, asking.

Knowing this, where is the media’s self control in selecting headlines? Where is the media of yesteryear who were instrumental in defeating America’s enemies through their judicious reporting? Where is the media who would choose not to publish headline which only serve the career of the journalist? Self control by the media has served our country well in the past, and could be important in our war against terror.

We should not only expect but demand that the media develop some discretion, common sense and self control. Supporting America should be the mantra of our media! Otherwise, soon that media, and perhaps the world, will be in the same position as the Iranian media — under the thumb of a cruel, aggressive, bigoted dictator.

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