E-Web Webbing Again

So I got into this argument with this guy at work known as E-Web. Biggest lib I’ve known personally. The long of the short is he was trying to explain why Christians are in theory, not practicing what they preach. His idea was that if Jesus loved everyone, and we took him as our saviour then the fact that we don’t believe everyone gets into heaven if they do not believe in Jesus is double talk.

I don’t know much about Christianity, but I do know he is an idiot. His whole point is flawed from trying to realize what Christianity is. Does he not realize that it says believe in God, and only one Him?

Then he tried to rip on Christians who were upset with the Da Vinci Code. I agree, I think people are really stupid. It’s just a book/movie that’s fiction. So I asked him what he thought about the muslims who were irate over those Danish cartoons. Well, since in muslim culture some things are off limits for humor so he see’s why they are ok to be mad. Um, lagot, I don’t believe Christians like you ripping on our Lord either.

It’s this double standard that makes me want to get up and beat down liberals. It’s ok for muslims to go irate and riot when we have 1 in 10000000 cartoons about them. But, if a cartoon is something ripping on Christianity, which alot more are, then I’ll be damned if even the Pope can say anything.

It’s like this in politics. I read a good quote the other day. Bush had 8 months to stop 9/11. Clinton had 8 years. Yet everyone blames Bush.

And finally, a sad day. Byron Nelson passed away today. Another legend of golf gone. Go Freddy.

– Mr. Knowledge

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