Tell Me What’s Wrong Here?

Story was a false. But the post is still true. Why did people condemn her, when if the story were true, she’d of had her Freedom of Speech removed.

The real issue is the LIEberals want freedom of speech when it’s for their purpose, but condemn anyone who uses it and they don’t agree with it.


The real kicker? The responses from people on People calling her out as wrong, and this and that. One even said “i bet $100 she did not only just pass the sign. I’m positive she or her friends most likely sparked the incident (calling names or verbally abuse the latinos)”.

What is this country coming to? Freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter what the sign says. She has every right to have it. But the fact that they defend the kids from beating her? That is downright sick.

This story isn’t even a political story. Change the viewpoint. A mexican with a sign, “Fuck White Americans”, gets beat up, and everyone and their mother, including the worthless ACLU would be up in arms.

-Mr. Knowledge

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