Talk’s cheap

Politicians have always used the gift of blarney to inform the voting public of their own achievements, skills, and philosophies. This year, though, Obama has used the gift of gab to catapult himself into first place in the Democratic party.

What are his skills or achievements that would allow him to put his philosphy into place? Why is he so upset that one or two debate moderators would ask him “tough” questions?

In fact, he has not had time to develop the skills nor the achievements that would make him a good President. He might be charming and he speaks better than most; but, he has no experience in running any form of our government. He has never worn a uniform so he could not empathize with our soldiers nor could he run a good strategy session with our military leaders. He has never had to balance a state budget, so he doesn’t understand the intricacies of economics.

So, why should he be President? He uses his speaking ability to cover all his inadequacies. He uses words to attack those who would question his abilities, rather than explain WHY he could handle the presidency.

Oh, yes. He is a master orator. But, is he qualified to be President? The American voting public must scrutinize this talking head carefully to understand that the voice is not the man. The man is a charming, handsome orator. He dos not merit your vote just because of these qualities. After all, talk’s cheap.

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