Unlike the days of yore when Carter pushed the giveaway of the Panama Canal down the throats of the unwilling American public, and then donated years of maintenance by America to the canal,the American people spoke up about illegal immigration.

Guess what? We don’t want illegal immigrants to stay. We don’t want illegal immigrants to have a free pass, and free life, just because they have a hard life in their own country.

What do we want? We want our country to enforce our laws on all those who try to come here. There was no free pass to American citizenship for our grandparents and there should not be now. The greatness of America rests on our adherence to laws being applied equally to all.

So, Congress, take heed. You are our representatives, not our bosses. In fact, you are our employees and the bosses, the American people, have told you to tighten the borders, send the illegal immigrants home, and stop acting like mini-dictators!